The Garden Design Process

Once you have contacted us, we will arrange a free consultation to discuss your specific requirements. After this visit, we will provide you with a written quotation to design your dream garden based on the results of our initial discussions. If the quotation is acceptable, we request that you confirm this in writing and provide a small deposit as confirmation of your acceptance.

The next step is to arrange a second visit to discuss your requirements and ideas for your dream garden in more detail.  During this visit, we will carry out a detailed site survey of your garden. This is where the measurements of your garden are recorded and photographs taken.  Please be aware that large or complex sites with many changes in ground level may need a professional survey to be conducted prior to starting the design.  Should other agencies be required to conduct a survey on your property, we will commission them on your behalf as part of the design process, and accompany them whilst they carry out the work.

With the information gained from the detailed site survey, a concept plan is drawn up taking into account your individual requirements, taste and life-style. This is the first draft of your garden design and will be presented to you at a subsequent visit when ideas are discussed in more detail and adjustments made if required.  During this visit, we will also discuss the planting plan. This will be unique to you, tailored to your garden conditions and your specific likes and dislikes. Following this meeting, the final version of your garden design and unique planting plan will be drawn-up to a scale appropriate to the size of your garden and presented to you.

At The Garden Path, we aim to provide a service that offers our Clients everything required to enable their dream garden.  We not only provide you with a unique garden design, but can build it for you as well.  If you would like The Garden Path to build your garden, we would be happy to provide you with a quotation as part of the design process.

If you would prefer another Landscape Contractor to build your garden, please note that the drawings produced for your garden design should enable your preferred contractor to provide you with an accurate quotation to build your garden.   They will also provide a clear brief on what your requirements are which can eliminate costly misunderstandings during the building process.

The Courtyard Design

A design for a small enclosed L shaped, south facing courtyard.

“Dear Mike,

We just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the service we received from the Garden Path.

For ages we had wondered where to start with our garden, we didn’t know anything about gardening and it all seemed a huge task to undertake. This is why we contacted you. The service we received was extemporary and the final design way beyond anything we could have thought of ourselves. Seeing the design on paper was only the start of it – once the work and planting had been completed the results were amazing. We spend many hours in our garden room admiring the end result and the wildlife seem to have taken to it very well too!”

Amanda & Ian Penny

Hanging Langford, Wiltshire

We provide a complete bespoke Garden Design & Landscaping Service from concept to completion.

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